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HeineBio-FlushSlow Release Urinal/WC Cleaner, Deodorizer & Drain Maintainer for clean, fresh-smelling and clog-free toilets.


HeineBio-Blue™ for Portable toilets



    New Products

HeineBio-Tabs™ and HeineBio-Plus™ for a waterless urinal system that ultimately saving valuable water and money over an annual period as well as contributing to a more friendly living environment!

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FACT: One urinal can use up 150,000 liter of valuable water on an annual basis. 
  About HeineBio  
HeineBio is the only fully integrated company in washroom hygiene that does its own in-house research and product development, manufacturing and marketing for more than 30 years. Such capabilities equip HeineBio with superior cost competitiveness and unequalled flexibility in responding to market needs.Readmore

   Benefits compared to Chemical Cleaning Solutions

1.   Safe to use and store. Non-Toxic, Non-Acidic, Non-Caustic. ALL NATURAL.

2.   Easy to use. Packaged in plastic containers and sachets.  

3.   Cost effective & Economical.  

4.   Energy & Water savings.  

5.   Naturally derived Non-Pathogenic, Enzymes-Producing Bacillus strains.  

6.   Reduce pollution caused by waste materials.

7.   Surfaces are deep cleaned to a more hygienic fresh scent.  

8.   Does not damage or erode any surface when cleaning.  

9.   Reduce odors and pests.

10. Keeps drain lines free flowing.  

11. Helps protect drain pipes.  

12. Reduce Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) & Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD).

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